The Video Sites Better Than YouTube

The Video Sites Better Than YouTube

Some people may say YouTube is the best video website on the planet, there is no any better than it. And some other may tell you that this or that site is the better one. Who is right? There is no wrong answer to this question because people have different preferences and needs. Is it true? Do not believe me yet. Let see it together.

General Users

For general users, YouTube is the best video sharing site on the internet today and there is no any better one. It is true. Why? The simple answer is that many people are using it. Here are some references:

Based on Alexa Traffic Rank, YouTube rank 4th in the world. And it could be changed between 1 – 5th various from day to day.

In term of Popularity and Reputation, there is no other video sites can compete. It got nearly 100 Millions unique visitors per month (based on And YouTube is a part of Google Inc., the giant company in the world. Just imagine how popular it is.

YouTube has very huge server which can handle millions and millions of videos. Video loading is extremely fast. Almost all type of video you can find in YouTube except inappropriate category.

  • Easy to use interface, good rating and comment system, well site structure.
  • Instructional, Knowledge and How-To Video
  • On the other hand, for users who want instructional and how-to video may tell you is the better one. Let see what make it superior.
  • The site is all about Instructional, Knowledge, and How-To Video.
  • Well organized categories which make you quick and easy to find the video.
  • Professional produced and high quality video.
  • High Demand Uploading Option
  • For some people who want more supported formats, and better uploading option may tell you that is the better one.
  • Blip supports more video formats before, but now it is comparable.
  • Three flexible upload options via Web Upload, FTP Upload and Using Software.
  • It also provides you a very good embedded player for websites and blogs.
  • Ads revenue sharing is available.
  • High Definition Video Lover
  • For some people who love high quality video may tell you is better than YouTube.
  • You will found many video in HD format; Vimeo supports HD in 1280×720.
  • Very nice embedded player for your websites and blogs.


I think you got some ideas. Let see the conclusion. There is no any video sharing site that absolutely better than YouTube. There are only few which are better in several features as we can see in above section of this article. As YouTube is improving from day to day, we hardly to find any strong enough competitor which can compare with it. Here are some examples of significant feature improvement in YouTube: High Quality Videos is introduced in March 2008 and in November 2008 1280×720 HD support is added. Now you can upload and watch HD video at YouTube as Vimeo. And in July 2009, the users have ability to upload 3D videos.