The Most Expected Marvel Avengers Villains in DLC

The Most Expected Marvel Avengers Villains in DLC

The long-awaited game Marvel's Avengers came out last week. In it, players are invited to find themselves in some of the famous superheroes of the Marvel universe. The game has already received mixed reviews. 

However, there were also a lot of people who found the game really exciting. Anyway, we would like to see more bad guys in the game, as the Avengers team needs worthy opponents. Here you will find a Marvel Avengers villains list that would surely challenge the superhero team in the game. Spoiler alert!

The Coolest of the Worst

Some of them have not even been on the big screen, and others are very familiar to us. They are strong, smart, multifaceted, and they all have their personal, complicated story. In any case, each of them deserves attention. Who are these guys? Let’s talk about them.


Once known as Galan, Galactus is the last human survivor from the universe that existed before ours. During the Big Bang, he received cosmic powers and became one of the deadliest entities in the universe. But at the same time, an insatiable hunger came, and Galactus is forced to eat planets to satisfy it. It's understandable why the Avengers don't like him, but fans of the Marvel universe do.


Nathaniel Richards is a distant descendant of Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four. He discovered the technology of time travel and realized that he could become the ruler of any era he wanted. Kang's journeys through time have spawned an endless array of counterparts, including Iron Man and Immortus. Due to his ability to influence the space-time continuum, he is considered one of the most dangerous and unpredictable Avengers' enemies.


When talking about the greatest villains, it's impossible not to mention Thanos! The mad genius from Titan has faced Earth's Greatest Heroes more than once searching for the Infinity Stones. This restless purple dude had a great plan, which he even managed to bring to life and even more than once. He rushed through the universe, over and over again, committing his atrocities, nowhere meeting worthy of resistance. This guy knows exactly what the Avengers don't want!


Villains from all superhero universes can do anything: they will never do it better than Thor's half-brother, Loki. The Scandinavian god of stealth has become one of the best characters in the Marvel Universe. We almost passed out because of his charm, and the Avengers almost lost the planet a couple of times because of his deceit. So without Loki, the Avengers will never have a full life. 

More Worthy Opponents

Powerful, intelligent, cunning, and motivated villains can make the game incredibly addictive to millions of people. We hope that the developers will add some of our favorites to the list of the characters.

Who is the best villain for Marvel Avengers video game in your opinion? Share this list with your friends and discuss your favorite bad guys. Subscribe to get more news, info about the upcoming updates, events, and other exciting stuff. 

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