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Solitaire is a classic card game that was invented in the 19th century. It has simple rules that are quite difficult to follow. Your main objective in this game is to free the desk out of cards in a minimal number of turns. This app is designed to provide a genuine Klondike gaming experience. You can Download Solitaire by MobilityWare studio for iOS and Android devices and try to set the highest Klondike score.

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Features Review

Solitaire is a card game developed by Sanuk Games for the PC platform. Unfortunately, the style of the game is not defined, but the following features can be highlighted: casual game, card game, steam achievements, collectible cards. You will have access to such game modes as "for one player".

Addictive Gameplay of Solitaire

Solitaire is another solitaire game from Microsoft. Usually, this game is installed with the operating system. There are many varieties of this game (especially flash games) that you can play both online and by downloading these games to a computer. The Solitaire is much more complicated than the kerchief. The game's goal is to collect all the cards by suits in the 4 upper cells (which are in the right corner). Cards need to be collected from ace to king. Cards can be shifted to empty cells in columns and to cells at the top, which are to the left. But to just relax or while away your free time, you can play Solitaire a couple of times. The solitaire game will suit fans of card games and solitaire games. The proposed version of the tapeworm also does not differ in anything original. The deck contains the same 52 cards, some of which are dealt in 7 columns closed, forming a kerchief.

Simple Graphics Makes Everything Easy

Incredibly high-quality drawn maps, pleasant soft animation when flipping and re-laying the cards, make disassembling this, in fact, ordinary Solitaire very comfortable. Much time has passed since this game was released, but Solitaire has not lost its popularity. Moreover, it has acquired a mass of new fans. 

Make Sure You Know the Controls

You can download the Solitaire game to your PC or any device. It will not take up much space. The solitaire game has no time limit. The authors somehow invent the scoring system. Use double-clicking to select the card. 

For Fans of Solitaire

If you like Solitaire, then try these games too. Joe Danger Infinity is a sport, racing, arcade, and casual game developed by Hello Games. Peggle Classic HD is an arcade and puzzle game developed by PopCap Games. Also, one more similar game MONOPOLY DEAL. It is a board/family game developed by Ubisoft.


Take a break and play online games that develop logic and imagination, allowing you to relax. Relax and get distracted! But be careful because a simple game can turn out into an almost impossible challenge.

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