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Spider Solitaire is a game developed by ESQUADRA, inc. for the PC platform. Spider is a solitaire card game. It is one of the standard Windows solitaire games. Unfortunately, the style of the game is not defined, but the following features can be distinguished: indie, casual game. You will have access to such game modes as "for one player".

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Features Review

The Simplest Gameplay

Solitaire requires 2 decks of 52 cards. Initially, 54 cards are evenly laid out in 10 columns (that is, it turns out 4 columns of 6 cards and 6 of 5), the remaining 50 are folded into 5 piles of 10. In each column, all cards except the top ones are closed. It is allowed to move cards from column to column. If the top face down card of any column becomes free, then it is automatically opened. As soon as a column of cards of the same suit, collected in order, appears, this column is removed to the house. It is allowed at any moment, when there are no empty columns, to take one of the pending piles of 10 cards and scatter these cards, one in each column. The goal of the game is to collect all the cards into the house. From a deck of cards, you need to collect cards of the same suit in a certain order from the highest to the lowest. 

The Interface of Spider Solitaire 

By default, you will be offered a green table color. But it can be changed. There are 5 options for choosing cloth: "Classic", "Scarlet hearts", "Red", "Brown", "Nature". You can also have 4 deck options: "Classic", "Seasons", "Hearts", "Large Drawing". The solitaire interface is user-friendly. It's simple - you want to start a new game, you want to continue the old one. Statistics are also kept showing the games played, the percentage of wins, the best time, etc.

System Requirements for an Easy Game

The Recommended System Requirements of Casual Spider Solitaire are a guideline for how much power is needed to unleash the game's full graphics and technology potential. On the configuration specified in the recommended requirements, the game will start and work comfortably at maximum graphic settings.

For Fans of Spider Solitaire

Looking for games like Spider Solitaire? You are in the right place! This is a top game similar to Spider Solitaire in gameplay or visual style. If you like Spider Solitaire, then try these games too. Devil's Tuning Fork is an adventure and puzzle game developed by DePaul Game Elites. It was released in 2009. DePaul Game Elites published the game. 


Easy and stress-free Spider Solitaire will not let you get bored either in the office or at home! An easy, calm, and logical game that will delight you during a break. There are several levels of difficulty. The game develops logical thinking, helps to distract and relax.

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