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Words With Friends is a word game where you compete with friends to form words. In turn, you compose words from letters, including letters from those already invested in them. Simple and straightforward gameplay, as well as advanced social features combined with multiplayer mode. Quite a complicated formulation found its embodiment in the game "Words with Friends", and this mixture, oddly enough, is extremely exciting and interesting.

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Features Review

Easy Gameplay Both for Children and Adults

Players place chips with letters on the field so that new words are formed. The main condition is to comply with the principle of the crossword puzzle: each new word must use at least one letter set on the field before it, and at the same time not merge with the rest of the words. Each word brings points, which are added up at the end of the game and determine the winner. The value of a word depends both on the letters of which it consists and on the special cells of the field which it passes. For example, "A" is several times cheaper than "U". Prize cells on the game board can increase the value of one letter located on them or the entire world passing through them. In Words With Friends, users need to form words from an existing set of letters. 

The Intuitive Interface of the Game

Up to two players can participate in each game. There is a playing field in front of them, on which it is necessary to form words from the available letters. Since the players take turns, each new word must contain at least one letter from those words that are already presented on the playing field. In the game settings, you can always change the color theme of the design. The app is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

Developers Made Controls as Easy as Possible

Returning to the gameplay, it should be noted that the game has a very, very decent dictionary, and the controls are intuitive: you just need to drag letters onto the playing field. There is an explanatory dictionary for the compiled words, so with this game, you can expand your vocabulary. 

For Fans of Words With Friends

The most popular alternatives and analogs of Words With Friends for Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet, etc. Wordfeud. Play 30 games at the same time. WordCamp is a board game for players of any age. Its open board makes high-level play accessible to beginners.


It's a rare case, but Words With Friends is almost the perfect mobile multiplayer game with a social twist. It is very exciting and at the same time moderately educational, games and communication with friends are regularly replaced by conversations with completely new people. If you love word games and their varieties, then "Words With Friends" is a winning option for you.

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